Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification Workshop

Google Cloud Storage Options


Ok, so we’ve talked about storage scenarios, use cases, and characteristics in general, but what are the specific storage services provided by GCP?

GCP provides many storage solutions. Here are eight that you will need to understand for the exam.

Persistent Disks, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Spanner, Firestore, Bigtable, BigQuery, and Memorystore.

We will cover each of these services in more detail during this class.

In the exam, you will get questions asking you which storage solution you would choose for a given scenario.

To get those questions correct, you don’t need to know every detail about every service. You do need to know the basic characteristics of the services in terms of cost, availability, durability, consistency, and scalability to make an optimal decision.

Visit for more details on GCP storage services and some example use cases.